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Before adding levels, implementing story elements and creating more puzzles, I came to the conclusion that I need to rebuild a number of the game's primary systems. When I first started developing Mortal Crowns, I was very much a novice programmer. This led to a lot of redundancy and rewriting the same chunks of code in multiple places.  By simplifying and improving the game systems, I should be able to shorten the overall development time.  The first system I've started to rebuild is the floor tiles. The image below shows a highlight of how the floor in the latest build of the labyrinth is generated. Each white box used a single texture. This was implemented by uploading a texture sheet and manually referencing a texture number for each floor chunk in each room. In short, it was a tedious iterative array writing process. It was also un-conservative in terms of how many individual textures were needed.

The new floor tile system will be able to be used for all rooms, and contain options for additional features. The total count of individual floor tile chunks (not including the buttons or doorways) increased from 9 (as seen above) to 225 (as shown below). The texture sheets were converted to individual small tiles, so that the same textures can be combined to create unique floors for each room, while not requiring a massive amount of textures. One downside of this change, is that it makes assigning the textures in an array format ridiculously more time consuming.

To help improve the easy of development, I have built the foundation of a floor editor tool. This is also shown in the image below. At this point, it is still very time consuming to assign the individual floor tiles, so in order to have it be a feasible system, I will have to make improvements. Currently it is still necessary to work with the texture id numbers. I plan on changing this so that a visual selection can be used.

In the next development log I will give an update on how this system turns out. 

Thanks for reading! Cheers, Tony

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