Mortal Crowns Hallow

Around a year ago I released an early access version of my original game, Mortal Crowns. It was my first real attempt at making a computer game, and the scope of the project was too ambitious. As a result, it felt depth-less and frustrating to play. In between other projects and obligations I've been slowly rebuilding the game system and piecing together the story I want to tell. All in all its become a very personal project to me, and one I hope to complete for myself.

In January I uploaded a comic chapter titled Mortal Crowns Hallow, on Tapas:  As a continuation of that comic, I just launched an page for Mortal Crowns Hallow: The page offers a downloadable folder containing that first comic, and a short game where you play as Holly, as she distributes Halloween candy to other kids. 

Cheers, Tony

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